Pittsburgh – a starting point

Well, I guess Pittsburgh is about as good a place as any to start.  This is my first ever blog post, so forgive me if it takes a while to get my sea legs (web legs, web feet?).  So why do I want to enter this tumultuous world of internet journaling and regale you with the story of my life day to day?  It is a long story (which is not really what the reader wants to read in the very first paragraph).  But if you have read this far, you are either family, a friend, a curious colleague,  or perhaps a radically misdirected surfer.

I am a sinner.  At this stage of my life that’s not so hard to put in writing.

I am saved.  So I am a sinner saved by grace.  I am a Christian.  A born-again Christian.   I’ll post the whole story in my “testimony”  section, but now to the reason for this journal.

I travel regularly for my company, and hope to accomplish several things in my writing.

  • To share the story of my faith
  • To share a bit of the journey with friends and colleagues
  • To encourage others in their  faith journeys while traveling

That said, I’ll get back to Pittsburgh.  I am at a training session of the Print Industries of America, learning a brainful about the process of commercial printing.  I am staying in downtown Pittsburgh, and it is Wednesday night.  For many people, Wednesday night means Church, maybe Worship, maybe Bible Study, maybe Prayer meetings.  But it typically means a lot of different things for a salesman, who spends many Wednesday nights away from home, and a home church.  How many alternatives are there to finding a good restaurant, a ball game (Pirates-Dodgers at PNC Park?), or maybe just hanging out at the hotel bar?

But tonight I took a walk up Centre Ave. to the Hill District and the Central Baptist Church.   Being in downtown Pittsburgh without a car limits me to finding a church in the neighborhood, so I went to my trusty search site, www.churchangel.com, and went down the list of churches in Pittsburgh to find one that was within walking distance.

Reverend Victor Grigsby led a Bible Study in the basement of the church (to avoid the heat of the sanctuary and allow the Youth Music Ministry some extra practice time).  Study tonight was on Acts 23, and the discussion was lively.  Pastor Grigsby led the group in some interesting and insightful parallels between the persecution of Paul and that of Jesus.  As with many other nights and many other churches, the people and the Pastor made me feel at home in their church. And as always, the doors to God’s house were open and the light was on.  Thanks, Pastor Grigsby for encouragement and some great teaching…

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