Movies – a vehicle

I remember in 2004 when “The Passion of the Christ” was released into theaters and there was quite a bit of publicity surrounding the movie.  A lot of churches aired it to adult and teen groups, and used this as a discussion point about the life of Christ.  I was in Woburn, MA for a few days visiting with one of my software resellers, and decided to go see the movie.  It’s amazing how this turned into an opportunity to witness.  The next day, the reseller I was working with asked me what I did last night, and it opened a door.  I told him that I went to see “The Passion” and suddenly he was asking me questions about which I don’t think I would ever have been asked without this lead in.

“Did it really show that the Jews had killed Jesus?” was the question he asked which stayed with me the most over the years, because it gave me an opportunity to talk about sin and what Jesus died for.  Yes, politically the Jewish leaders saw to His condemnation, and yes, the Romans were the actual executioners, but it was sin that crucified Him.  “My sin, and all the sins of mankind” I said.  I don’t know since how much effect that statement had, but over the next couple of years, this businessman continued to ask me questions about my faith, and religion in general.

I don’t work in New England any more, but I’ve spoken to my friend a couple of times since, and pray often that his life will be touched, and that he will find other testimonies to draw him closer to Jesus.

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