home to cornerstone

Yesterday, I wrote some thoughts about the Cornerstone men’s group at my church.  I explained it in context of my encounters on the road.  Tonight, I was able to attend my “home” fellowship for the first time in almost two months (since our weekend retreat).  What really sunk in tonight was how important it is to have those roots at home.

I really enjoy the variety of worship when I travel, but being in a different setting with a different group of people every weeks does have its down side.  You don’t get to know people and sometimes (especially in prayer meetings) feel kind of on the outside.  But then you come home, and share the prayers and struggles of your brothers and feel a closeness to them that can’t be experienced in a casual way.

I guess this is kind of a best of all worlds situation.  I get to experience the variety of worship while on the road, and still have the homecoming experience.  I wonder if the apostles felt that way at the end of a missionary journey, when they were reunited with a home church or family…

One thought on “home to cornerstone

  1. Dan,

    It was good to have you “home” last night. Spirtiual reflection and fellowship to re-charge your batteries.

    I equate your reflections on the road to an Emmaus journey. We tend to experience allot while alone but we forget or lose sight of the fact that we are never alone.



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