missing Dad – a year later

A year ago today, my dad went home to be with the Lord.  The following is a post a that I placed on our men’s group website during the days following his passing.  We had a joyous celebration of his life, and a year later, although I miss him, I know he is with His Saviour…


Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers. It is a loss, but
only for us left behind. Dad is with his Saviour now. We were
blessed with many sacred moments during the last 36 hours of Dad’s
life, as all of my siblings were able to be there at his side with my
mom. My brother and sister arrived from out of state a couple of
hours before his passing.

When Mary and I got to the hospital on Thursday morning at 2:00 AM, he
we still cognizant of his surroundings and turned his head and body a
little when he recognized Mary’s voice letting him know we were
there. The hospital let me bring my guitar in the ICU room and I
played and sang for him on and off through the night, and at first he
seemed to turn attention in the direction of the music.

Later in the morning I read passages from the Bible to him.

The hospital staff was great, allowing us all to gather around my
father even in the cramped quarters of ICU. The priest and minister on
staff at the hospital came in during his last days, and prayed with us
several times. The doctors even came in and just spent time with us.
I know it meant a lot to my mom to see Dad treated with such amazing

He was a good man, and helped instill a firm foundation of faith in
his family. He was a convert to the Catholic faith, and received his
first communion with my older brothers and was confirmed with me years
later. But it was during my high school years that he and my mom
stepped up to create a Bible study group for the high school kids in
my home town, and they and 4 other adult couples nurtured our faith
through those important years.

He and my mom were together for close to 65 years and their example of
love in their marriage was amazing. I know my mom will feel this loss
over the next months and years. But we’re a big family and Mom is
only a half hour away, we will be there for her.

Anyway, I thank you all for the support and the warmth of knowing how
many people were offering up their prayers and concerns.

I posted a song that I will be singing for him on Tuesday on the
Cornerstone group site. It’s my prayer for one I know is already
making his home with his mother and father, and his Father…

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