been a while, old friends…

In my last professional position, I traveled frequently to New England, especially the Boston area.   I found several weekly groups that I could visit on those trips, and met some really great people.  One that I miss more than most is the Men’s Study Group at New England Chapel in Franklin, MA

I still get e-mails and announcements, most recently the sign-up announcements for their upcoming retreat.  This was one of those Wednesday night Bible studies that I crashed, and soon found bonds developing with the members of the group, Manny, Erik, Lawrence, and the rest.  They allowed me to participate, and made me feel at home, almost as though I was a member of their church.  I found that I was allowed to let my guard down, and shared easily during the course of six or seven meetings over a period of about a year.  Prayer was easier here, as my return visits enabled me to hear the all important praise reports  of prayers answered.  When my dad was sick last year, I shared prayer with them by e-mail and could feel their support and presence through a difficult time.

Then, I changed jobs and no longer travel to New England.   But I still read the e-mails, and think often of the men in this study group.  I have been praying that thay have a  successful and blessed retreat in May, and look forward to having a chance to travel up their way again, to renew the bonds of friendship and brotherhood.  God bless you guys, Erik, Manny, Lawrence, Mike, Dick, Ken, Roy, and all the others whose names slip my mind right now.   I miss you all.

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