reading from start to finish… or not

I find that I am one of those readers who starts a book, then starts another, and another, until every room in my house has a book on the table, with a bookmark, and they each might take a month to finish (sometimes longer).   I do find that I am able to mentally multi-task, though.  I can pick up a history book, read some, then later on, pick up a novel, or a biography, or whatever.  And still follow each one along to its conclusion.

I am thankful for having that ability, as it has prepared me  to drop in to Churches on Wednesday evening, without having to worry about what they are going to be studying that particular evening.  Most churches that have a Wednesday Bible Study, have them organized so that they may study a book of the Bible over a period of weeks, or sometimes a couple of months.  So tonight, when I dropped in to New Covenant Church in Roanoke, VA, it  was OK that they were on Romans Chapter 10 as part of a long term study of the book.  God still blessed me with the insights shared on that particular subject on this particular night.

I remember a few years ago, when Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life was newly published and a lot of churches were using that as a study topic.  I would walk into one church and find they were on Chapter 16, and the next week, another church would be on Chapter 2.  Kind of kept me on my toes, as it were.

But I guess the challenge is always to try and be open to God provision each night, and let His Word teach.  I find there is no popular book read that can stack up to studying the Bible.   Like the stack of books at home, I can go into any room in God’s house and read along from any chapter of that Book.  No better material, and certainly no better Author…

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