Christmas cards in May

You may wonder why a post about Christmas cards at this time of year, but it’s just an example of how quickly we get caught up in life, and the joy of knowing that some words remain important no matter how long they are put off.

I was moving some pictures and documents around on our piano (the “gallery”) which included recent graduation pictures and report cards, and found the pile of Christmas cards still in the basket on the piano as well.  Flipping through them, I found that a number had not been opened!  (I won’t say whose cards were neglected, so as not to estrange family or friends).

I sat down and began to read through the cards, and as usual, some contained letters from family to family, others recent photos of children, but I was caught by the fact that it did not matter that it was Memorial Day, but what mattered was the sentiment that was still fresh.  At first I was quite embarrassed that I had neglected them, but then I thought about other words that sometimes go unread for long periods of time, like God’s Word.

Although I try to read the Bible and study daily, I have to admit that it doesn’t always happen.  I usually manage to read my morning online Devotional, but some days that small amount of quiet time reading even a few chapters of the Bible eludes me.

But just like those Christmas cards on the piano, the Word can be picked up at any time right where you leave off.   And thankfully, God is always welcoming us back when we are away.  So to anyone who hasn’t picked up their Bible in a few days, or a few decades, go ahead, you can always pick up where you left off.  And as you read, pray that you will be drawn to His Word more regularly, and see what kind of daily routine can develop.

And by the way, I’m thinking that maybe we will start sending out cards in June or July, beat the Christmas rush, and if anyone (who gets caught up in life like me) doesn’t get around to opening mine for six months, maybe they’ll read mine on Christmas Day…

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