a little travelogue…

One of those weeks when you get a lot of fellowship in a single trip…  What a bonus!

I traveled through Virginia this past week, with a flight to Raleigh Durham on the way.  In the process, I met an author and motivational speaker, visited my cousin and aunt, and heard a great message.

I flew to Raleigh, and spent Monday in Martinsville, VA with one of my customers.  We had lunch, and I was able to learn quite a bit about his life, and was able to share a bit about mine with him as well.  Before getting involved in our industry, he taught math at a school in East Africa, and shared with me about his challenges there, and how the experience shaped him.

On Tuesday, I helped one of my customers in Danville, VA with his own “Customer Appreciation Day” which involved showing our product line’s latest entries to his customers, and some other casual events.  The local radio station was there broadcasting from his office parking lot, where his staff was cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, and serving some great food, while the music played under the tent.  Inside, he had a massage therapist giving free massages, and a motivational speaker giving out and signing his lates books.

The speaker was Dr. Joey Faucette, and he was introducing his book series, Listen to Life, a series of short reflections and study questions, designed for individuals and/or groups.  I didn’t get a chance to start reading them until after I returned home, but what I’ve read so far seems to be a great combination of approachable reflections (easy reads) with some great messages about how to find God’s love in our everyday experiences.  His web site is:    www.listentolife.org

Next on my itinerary (I told you this was a travelogue) was a stop in Pinehurst, which was only a few miles out of the way when I was returning to Raleigh.  A cancelled appointment in Western VA allowed me to have a free evening, and I called my cousin Susie to see if she and her husband and her mom wanted to go out to dinner.  Of course, by the time I got there,  Sue was cooking up a great meal and had the guest room ready for me to stay overnight, instead of a hotel in Raleigh.  Nothing like spending travel time on the road with family to make the trip a little less like business.  We had a great meal, shared recent pictures and caught up on our lives, which for quite some time had been shared only through the occassional Facebook posting.  What a blessing!

On Wednesday, I flew from Raleigh to Baltimore for appointments in Sterling, VA on Thursday morning.  This afforded me the opportunity to attend a Bible study at the First Baptist Church of Sterling.  Pastor Bruce gave a sermon on Stewardship, which really hit home for me.  He spoke of the various areas where we must be stewards from our families to our church.  He had some strong words about the importance of fathers being stewards and strong family leaders.  Again, blessings abound when we have a chance to visit God’s house, even in a strange city, and a very different setting than we are used to.

A great week of travel, walking in faith, and oh, and by the way, I closed some business, too…

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