what’s on your refrigerator?

One of the things that I always do when I visit someone is look at their refrigerator.  Call it nosey, but you can learn a lot about a family just by what they put on their fridge.  A refrigerator door is like a canvas, eventually a work of art which is dynamic in it’s make up, and sometimes in its nature.

I thought I would share mine and let the reader look at their own (or maybe I’ll start a Facebook Group of Refrigerator pictures) and think about how it might reflect their life or family life.

First are the family pictures.  Are they recent pics, or do they reflect many years of living in your home? I love looking at the picture of my daughter lying on her back, limbs akimbo, sound asleep on the wood floor among her books and toys.  Or another with her arm around her little brother. One with her cousins and best friend, the four of them at times inseparable sisters.

And then my older son, an adult now, pictured arm in arm with the love of his life.  And others ranging in age from his elementary school soccer days to our regular NYC Christmas season outing with my brother and his family.

And the little guy, in the snow, pushing his “Baby Matthew” around in a little cart, to more recent soccer photos, including one taken with a professional soccer player, who was a classmate of his older brother at college.  One of my favorites is him at the piano, though. The first of my children to take the musical interests further than grade school…

And of course, my lovely bride in pictures with kids, or showing off her first attempt at chicken pot pie!  I think as parents, we don’t put much up of ourselves, but want to see our kids, our parents and grandparents. And places we’ve been (like the Cloisters, part of the Metropolitan Museum in New York – note the unicorn tapestry).

And the other thing that we always had on the refrigerator when the kids were younger were the word games.  Words that could be strung together with a happy phrase, or maybe a tease, sibling to sibling, only to be turned into total nonsense at times.

On our refrigerator, there is hardly any space for the many notes, schedules (soccer, scouts, school…) and business cards (Pizza, doctor, Andy Nelson’s Barbeque, etc).  But crowded is a good thing when it comes to refrigerators.  Kind of like what we show the world of our hearts…  How does this translate to our lives and our faith?  Do we put our pictures and stories out there for all to see?  Do we share easily all the varied aspects of our lives and faith with those around us?  Maybe we can tell the story of our family by being open and “out there” with ourselves, just like our central home appliance…  Put more pictures on your heart’s refrigerator door.

2 thoughts on “what’s on your refrigerator?

  1. Dan, Just found this older post of yours. One of my summer projects was to “de-clutter” the kitchen, and I WAS going to clean off the fridge…but I have to to re-think that bullet-point, now! I really love the connection to our hearts; there is that saying that “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, too…
    love to you all…

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