Pastor Ron and Pastor John – and a son moving on

These past few weeks have been frought with change in my home, and my neighborhood.  Two events that will change things around me considerably.  First, my son is looking for an apartment.  He just graduated from College and just started a job working for a law firm in New York City.  He’ll be going out on his own for real this time, unlike the past few quasi-independent years of higher education.  I have to reflect on letting go, and praying that I have been a leader, a teacher, and mentor through these years.  And that the values that I hold to will be reflected in his life as he takes these next steps.

The second event is the calling of one of our local pastors, John Wheatley, who, as an Army Chaplain has been called to duty to assist in the Mobilization efforts at Forts Dix, McGuire, and Lakehurst for the next 12 months.  Pastor John has been a part of our town for only a few short years at the Califon United Methodist Church, but his influence on the  community has been tremendous, and he has been a true inspiration to me.  I have always treasured the times I have been able to share music at the CUMC, and the spiritual connection with Pastor John has awed and humbled me.  He has been a mentor to me and at CUMC, has truly served as the “man of the house”.

So I want to share a song I wrote a few years back, that was originally written for Pastor Ron Miller at Wilson Memorial Church in Watchung, another house of worship that felt like home to me when I was growing up.   The song kind of explains the mixed bag of emotions that I am feeling today, about my second guesses of faith (have I been the man of the house for my son?), and about my admiration toward those who were there for me, Pastors Ron and John.

Man of the House (Song for a pastor)

When I think back to my childhood days

Growing up in small town America

I always come back to the house down the block

A place where I learned from my mom and my dad

With my brothers and sister too

So many years have gone by and now

My kids still live in small town America

And as I watch them grow

Soon the oldest will go

All I can hope for is that he will remember

And always come back to that place…

Where he will be loved by all those around him

Where he will find rest and never thirst

As the man of the house, have I been an example of Jesus’ love

Have I stirred in my son’s heart a desire

To pass along the love and the faith

To a world that is desperate to feel it

What has he learned from the man of the house?

When I think back to my childhood days

Growing up in small town America

I always go back to one House in my town

That place where I found salvation in Jesus

His mercy and grace, His love and forgiveness

My brothers and my sisters all there too

The years have slipped by, and my family’s moved on

But that house still remains a part of me

And maybe I am being a bit sentimental

And maybe I just don’t want it to change

But whenever I stand in this Chapel, there’s a feeling I get

That I want to hold on to, ‘cause this is the place

Where I will be loved by all those around me

Where I can find rest and never thirst

There’s a man in this house; he’s a shining example of Jesus’ love

A man in this house who leads us to Jesus,

Jesus who is the Truth and the Light and the Way

And this man has stirred in my heart a desire

To strive to be a man of compassion

A gentle and faithful servant.

I’ve learned so much from the man of the house

When the time comes for my son to reflect

On his days growing up in America

Will his heart go back to a place in his past

Will he wonder why it’s all gone so fast

Will he thank the Lord for his mom and his dad

His brother and sister too?

My prayer today is that somewhere down the line

The circle goes ‘round, and this child of mine

Will always know the Man, the Master of the house

Where he will be loved by all those around him,

Where he will find rest and never thirst

When he’s the man of his house I pray he will build

His house on the Rock

And serve the God, who became the Man, who walked upon this earth

The Savior who will come to take us home, to His house

Where we will be loved by all those around us

Where we will find rest and never thirst

He’s the Man of the house. He is Jesus our King.

Wonderful Counselor, praises we bring to Him

I’ve so much to learn, So much to live for

I will live for my Jesus, the Man of the house.

Words and Music – Daniel Furnald © 2005

2 thoughts on “Pastor Ron and Pastor John – and a son moving on

  1. I like it. I, too, have a son that will be moving out, in September, to share an apartment with a friend. It’s time for him to leave the nest. I pray that he will find his way back to Jesus, and build his house upon the rock, instead of the sand. Do you have a recording of the song?

    1. No recording yet. I’ve sung it at both churches, at Wilson the week that Pastor Ron retired. I’ll post it if I get a chance to record it. Thanks for reading. God bless…

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