ever have one of those days?

I have.  Today was one of those days…

I was up at 3:30 AM yesterday to get to Roanoke, VA and didn’t get to sleep until about 10:30 last night.  So today started on a tired note.  Up at 7 to get to my morning office time, then a two-and-a-half hour drive each way to an afternoon appointment in the Southwest corner of the State (I mean, Commonwealth, after all this is Virginia).  The appointment went well, but while getting there and back, several things went wrong elsewhere, and I came back to a rash of frustrating e-mails. Not much I could do at 5:30, so my day ended on kind of a down note.

Except for you, Lord.  It’s Wednesday night, and no matter what is happening in my work life, I get to find a place of praise and fellowship.  And today it was one of those days…

Father, thank you for Pastor Jesse, and for Burt and his guitar, and Debbie and Rita, and all the others whose names are already forgotten, but who greeted me warmly tonight, and welcomed me into Your house with open arms, blessings, and a message that I needed to hear.

Pastor Jesse, thanks for the message about loving.  Loving my God, loving my family, and the priorities that I follow.  I hope with the Pastor’s permission, to develop part of his talk tonight into a future post.  But I gained some new insights into 1 Corinthians 13 that I hadn’t formed previously.  And as I listened, I truly felt a peace come over me, and knew that this is what it is all about.  A Wednesday night refuge of fellowship, offered to me by my Saviour, and delivered through the connection to a congregation that I hardly knew.  All so I could draw closer to my Lord.

And there was an added bonus of having Burt  share a couple of songs that touched me, and even share a recording of one of them, so I could learn it myself.  Although I know I’ll never do justice to his finger picking and vocal style, a cross between James Taylor and Dick Feller (you’ll probably have to “Google” the latter),  I look forward to sharing Burt’s beautiful prayer in music at a coffee house when I get back to NJ.

We shared a brief prayer by his car, as his family packed in to go home, and although I’m really not feeling like facing those e-mails, I think I can get through to tomorrow.

Ever have one of those days?  Thank God for “one of those days”…

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