Christmas eve – a pretty good night

I’ve got a new favorite Christmas song.  And I’ve had a lot over the years.  I listen to the sounds emanating from our family iPod and the variety of different holiday music that we’ve acquired over the years.  Actually, it is kind of funny to randomly play traditional classics of Christmas, played by Brass Choirs, and Orchestras, followed by mid-20th century pop standards of the Ray Coniff Singers.  (What memories that album brings to mind from my childhood.) Then there are the countless childrens’ and novelty albums, ranging from Raffi’s Christmas, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and even the VeggieTales’ Christmas.

But a couple of years ago I was struck by one quiet song by a group called Unsearchable Riches, “Pretty Good Night”.  We often sing of joy and grandeur, fanfares and heralds, but we rarely think of the message that this night brings, to all of us, the greatest and the least. And as I reflected on the song, I began to think about what the lyrics really meant to me.

Celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus, allows us the opportunity to renew our relationship with him and relive our experience of being born again in Him.  He was born to a poor family, raised in obscurity, with a mission not to kings and princes, but to the second best, the refugees, the broken-hearted, truly the least.

And in a sense we are all part of the least.  Sin has made us this way, and no matter how much we accomplish or acquire during our lifetimes, we still fall short (Rom. 3:23).  But we are justified by His grace, which came to earth embodied in this child, born in Bethlehem, that first Christmas.

So as we celebrate with family and friends, exchange gifts, and worship our God and this amazing event, remember that we are the ones that He came here for.  I will be seeing myself not as singer, salesman, husband, father, son, or brother, but as one who has been given another chance, to renew my relationship with Jesus.  A Savior and King, who was born in this world, and grew to live out a mission that we can hardly fathom, walked up that hill carrying a cross to His own death, suffering unimaginable pain, yet conquered that death by rising to life, and offering us eternity with Him.  Imagine, us with the broken hearts and broken lives, offered a chance to live with our Lord forever.  No matter what we have messed up in our lives, it does not matter any more.  We give our lives to Him, and he takes us in His arms and everything is right again.

Give the song a listen and let Jesus take a place in your heart this Christmas.

Pretty Good Night

O Holy Night
God’s delight has come to your broken hearts
Here is your Christ
He invites the losers to play a part

Being the first at last
Hearing the angels sing
Grace has a funny way
Of giving you everything

It’s a pretty good night to be the least of these
It’s a pretty good night to fall upon your knees
It’s a pretty good night for sinners like you and me
It’s a pretty good night indeed

Kings blindly slept
While shepherds kept their watch through the darkest hours
So tell me do heavens hosts
Always come to those with no earthly power

Calling the refugees
Calling the second best
Give Him your empty hands
Bring Him your brokenness

It’s a pretty good night to be the least of these
It’s a pretty good night to fall upon your knees
It’s a pretty good night for sinners like you and me
It’s a pretty good night indeed

Music by Jeremy Sorensen
Lyrics by Doug McKelevey
© 2006

One thought on “Christmas eve – a pretty good night

  1. Thank you for sharing your message of hope this Christmas Season, Dan. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may God continue to shower you with His abundant and extravagant love in the New Year.

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