follow where He leads… then pray

These kind of events don’t happen without the Lord’s direction.

I am at a national sales meeting of my company this week, in my home state, so I am a little closer to home than usual, only about forty-five minutes away.  So I looked up the local church to go to a Bible study last night, and left my company dinner a few minutes before seven o’clock to arrive on time for study.

When I walked in, the group was just beginning, and (as usual, I have found) they made room for me at the table.  During the course of the evening study (James 2 – don’t fawn over the well-dressed man; of course this is one time that I arrived in a suit!), I made a comment and cited a song that I often sing, at which the study leader stopped and said that he wanted to talk to me later, as they are in the throes of seeking new direction in their worship…

So after the study ended, he and I talked, and he was excited to know that I lived not too far away and was willing to help.  So it appears that the Lord had a hand in choosing which church I would be at last night, and I told the Elder that I would be praying about their situation, and that I would be happy to help out in any way that I can.

I hope to update this post with some news about this little church and their developing music ministry… Pray with me.

3 thoughts on “follow where He leads… then pray

  1. Dan:
    So pleased that you came by last night. I was surprized when I saw the blog. (I’m not a blogger, but was interested in seeing where the information on your card sent me.) I talked with Scott earlier today and he is looking forward to talking with you. It is amazing what our Lord can do! Thanks again for your offer of help.

  2. When we follow his lead it is quite amazing where we go. I hope the new music ministry works out. I believe that in todays world a contemporary music ministry makes a bigger statement to the majority of people. It sure helps me keep my focus! Keep us posted! Thanks for sharing!

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