visiting Royalty in London

I went to London tonight to visit Royalty.  It’s amazing how the opportunity to see new sights and meet new people continues to bless my travels.

I am in Charleston, WV visiting one of my favorite customers, and worked yesterday with one of my vendors to present a seminar to a group of Law Professionals in a rural county (as most are in WV) about an hour and a half from Charleston.

Two things happened at the end of the day to lead me to my London story.  Dinner and a detour.

The detour:  On the way back from Fayette County, we were close enough to make a drive-by to the New River Bridge on Highway 119, which is almost 900 feet high spanning the New River Gorge (some perspective on how high – a sign showed an animation of the bridge with the Washington Monument with two (2) Statues of Libery stacked on it underneath the span).  I had visited the bridge last year, but my colleague had never been, and it was only a ten or fifteen minute detour.

Then we went over Hawk’s Nest on Highway 60, a two-lane US highway that used to be the only east-west route over the mountains, curvy and narrow still.  As we past through some of the the small, West Virginia hamlets on the way back to Charleston, I noticed that one of the Churches had Thursday Night meeting (a rarity since most denominations have Wednesday evening Bible Study or Prayer).  But I made a mental note of it.

My plan for Wednesday evening was to visit to Maranatha Baptist Church, and learn from another inspired sermon from Pastor Kevan, but my colleague asked about dinner, and he didn’t want to eat at 9:00 (after I got back from Church), so we went out at 6:00 for a bite (to a restaurant so good that when I go there, I take pictures of my food before I eat it!)  As it turned out, we also entertained our customer as well, and had a wonderful evening and a great meal.  But it left me a little disappointed about my canceled plan.  But as the Lord would have it, I had made that note about the Thursday night service (or maybe He made that note), so I set my sights on this evening.  I tried to call the church, to confirm the service time, since it was a half hour drive from my hotel, but the number was disconnected.  But it was a beautiful evening and I figured if the sign was out of date, that it would be a nice drive anyway.

And so, I went to London (WV) to visit my King.

London Church of God

I am convinced that there is no better place to meet Him, but with a small group of believers in the surroundings where Jesus would have spent time with his followers.   There were less than a dozen people there, but we sang hymns, prayed, and Pastor Tom gave a talk about Rev. 3:14-22 (the lukewarm church at Laodicea).  There was nothing lukewarm about his message, and it underscored in my heart the need to be “out there” all the time.  I was humbled.  The simplicity of his message and the surroundings, the humility and grace in which they practice their faith amazed me.  They lifted thanks in their prayers for financial blessings, which put a new roof on the building and enabled them to put in place a simple hand rail to assist the Pastor up a couple of steps to the pulpit, due to his incapacity of having lost a leg recently and being almost completely wheelchair-bound.  No need for a new sound system, or to hire a touring Christian Band to attract an audience into their church.  Thankful for such small things…

So I am back in my hotel, reveling in the blessings of the evening, thankful that my plans were interrupted for something special that the Lord had in store for me.  Amen and Amen.

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