I had a brush with celebrity yesterday.  I was walking across the supermarket parking lot in my town, and a car honked its horn at me.  I was initially a little annoyed (you know, you assume they are just trying to hurry you up and out of their path), but my annoyance turned to curiosity when I heard my name called.

Turned out it was a neighbor who has been reading my blog (I still am not sure how she came across this – in a search or did she hear about it from someone else?).  She called me over to her car, and introduced herself.  She complimented my writing and encouraged me to write more often, and she thought it was great to see a salesman writing about his faith walk.  I basked in the glow of celebrity for a millisecond (hey, I’m only human!), then thought to myself that this is only because I am giving glory to my Lord when I write, and realized that this is not my fame, but His.

But what a great feeling to know that in some small way, He has chosen me to be that vehicle to share His story as part of my story with a few dozen people in this life.  And then God blesses me with a face to face meeting to experience the results of what He has done with my life and in my writing.

In the past, I dreamed of my songs being recorded and played on the radio, and envisioned playing crowds of thousands in big arenas, but as I have grown older (maybe a little wiser as well), I have come to understand that my ministry may be to reach one person for Jesus.  And if that is all it is, that’s a big thing, because it is God’s plan, not mine.  So right now, I write a blog for a few people, and play my music for crowds of dozens (maybe hundreds in a couple of weeks at an outdoor Country Festival).

I don’t need to ask for a bigger ministry, I’m right where I need to be.  He’ll take care of the rest…

4 thoughts on “celebrity…

  1. Wow! That’s the spirit in action! Why not invite her to Women’s Cornerstone? bets regards
    Keep up the good work(s)

  2. That woman was me, Pat Kerr. You captured the event correctly. I couldn’t think fast enough. I have oxygen deprivation from Purmonary Fibrosis. I found you via someones FB page. I can’t remember who but when I saw your name or photo I said to myself. Hey that’s they guy who plays the great music at some local events I have attended. After looking found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I pass it on to several of my friends. For those who don’t get out regularly this is food for the soul. Not only are you a great musician, but a wonderful witness for our Lord and Savior. I didn’t mean to scare you but was afraid you would jump in your car and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet you. I am happy that your music brings you great joy, it surely does do others.

  3. Well Dan, Just keep up with all of your good work! I find it all very interesting. Pat is the one who told me about your blog. I always have enjoyed your music and will never forget the time you played at the Bowery mission . You drove my husband and I uptown that day because we were visiting our daughter. Thanks again for the ride! Your music is an awesome expression of faith. Enjoy each day and remember He has it all under control and we don’t need to know what will happen next. Shari Fulper

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