lines and lounges – part 1

One of the more time-consuming parts of being in sales is the actual travel.  I spend hours in rental cars and my company car every week. And at least a couple of times a month, I have to fly, and that means airports, lines, and waiting. And waiting some more…

So what to do with that time?  I find that it is difficult to get much work done while sitting in airports, between the people, the lack of workspace,  and the general stop and go of being ready for your flight, having your gate change, having your flight delayed, having your flight cancelled.

So I have taken to another, quieter airport activity as part of my workweek. Did you know that most airports have a Chapel?  A quiet place where you can go and read or pray. They do, although you often have to find it on the Directory Board.  It’s usually listed these days as a “Meditation Room” or some other spiritually universal name.

It’s usually located on one of the concourses, although they are sometimes in a  far corner of the airport. You’ll find a variety of faith objects in the Chapel, ranging from a Cross on the wall to prayer rugs, some have altars, some offer Catholic Masses on Sunday mornings.  But it is a rare public place still reserved for faith, and a place to rest in the Lord’s presence, even in the middle of a busy travel day.  And well worth the effort to find.  These days, they are rarely used, I often find myself alone in the Chapel, but once in a while there may be two or three others there.

But I always walk out feeling a fresh spirit and strength to face the next phase of my trip…  So next time you are in the midst of a hectic travel day, or sitting with a two-hour layover between flights, find a quiet refuge and spend some time in His presence…

Seek ye Jehovah while he may be found; call ye upon him while he is near (Isaiah 55:6) 

One thought on “lines and lounges – part 1

  1. This is good advice and Meditation rooms or chapels are common at the leading international arports also

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