a simple Thanksgiving prayer

Today we are thankful O Lord. And we remember…

We remember this past year and remember the challenges and are thankful for the accomplishments.

We remember the trials and are thankful for your mercies

We remember the losses and are thankful for Your provision

We remember those that are no longer with us today, but are thankful for all the blessings You poured into our lives for having known them

We remember the storms and are thankful for the sunshine and beauty that still stands in this world You created

We remember the family struggles and are thankful for the time to put them aside and gather together in Your presence

We remember the strife while we are thankful and hopeful for peace

Lord, be with every family today as they gather, and especially watch over those who have no family or home, those whose homes have been lost.

May all come to know You, and learn to love You with all their hearts, all their souls and with all their strength. And may we all learn to love each other as You have loved us…

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