traveling with the Cross

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about Spiritual roadside signage, namely, Crosses planted along the highways and byways of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.  In the past few years, I have passed about a hundred such locations, and thought I would share a few sites.  These are also documented on a Facebook page, called “Planted Crosses“.

I have stopped, where possible (and safe enough to do so) and photographed many of them with my Blackberry, and with the receipt of a digital camera, plan to upgrade and retake some of these.  But I thought I would share a couple of the pictures, and the stories of where they are, or how they were located

Often, the land that was donated for the erection of the crosses, is quite a way from the highway, preventing any closer view from the highway, like this grouping along I-64 in West Virginia (westbound milepost 181)


Sometimes they are near the highway, and I’ve been able to take closeup pictures. The one below is along US 15 in Pennsylvania, south of Harrisburg.  This one is in need of repair, and a bit of gardening…


There was a song recorded not too long ago, called “Gardening” by Beck, that I associate with this picture.

“So pardon my appearance please.

You’ve caught me here down on my knees, trying hard, just to pull the weeds.

The overgrowth is startling, and I’m desperate for some pardoning

I’m doing a little gardening in my heart…”

The Lord has led me to some beautiful places, where I’ve discovered these crosses, and other more mundane locales (the last one I found in the town of Sissonville, WV located at the top of a hill, behind a run down convenience store).  But one that I have revisited (and more than once have stopped to get out of my car to pray near), is located, also on US-15, just north of the town of Thurmont, MD.  One afternoon, He put me on the road, and timed my arrival for this…


The sun glorifies the Son.

Lord, I thank you for the wonders of this earth.  And I thank you for those who have been diligent in making sure that You are known to that world.  Jesus, name above all names…

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