Jesus never made a new year’s resolution

Fellowship on the Road

As I get ready to go out this week and celebrate the New Year with friends and family, I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions (don’t we all?).  I look back on the past year and think of all the accomplishments and shortfalls, successes and failures, I have to think that there is one person who never had these feelings, and that was Jesus.

As a business person, I am constantly given sales quotas and other targets and objectives that create the environment in which I live every day, many of which I achieve and surpass, some which I fall short of.  And at the end of the month and quarter, I must review my performance and adjust my plans, in order to hit the target at the end of the Fiscal Year.

And if I bring into account all the other aspects of my life, the targets and goals, achievements…

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