Wake Up Call – Can I be an Ironman?

I am not a morning person.  Most days I need two alarms on my phone to get me going in the morning, and only drag myself out of bed early for two reasons:  a barking dog (thank you, Miss Riley) or a work obligation (7:30 AM meetings with clients, can’t live with ’em, can’t afford unemployment…)

But last week I was glad I got up earlier than usual.  I had to work Wednesday evening, when I usually try to go to Bible Study where ever I happen to be staying.  This week I was Timonium, MD.  I had too many followup e-mails and even a couple of evening phone calls to make in order to complete my day.  I was disappointed, as it also left me too late to workout (well, not really, but a good excuse).

But I did find that there is a church in Timonium with a mens’ group that meets on Thursday mornings at 6:15 (did I actually type that?), and I told myself that I could do this.

Much to my surprise, when I arrived at Grace Fellowship Church at 6:10, I walked into a meeting room where over seventy-five men were already gathered and sharing a cup of coffee and donuts.  Ready to start their day, immersed in God’s word and Christian fellowship.  The group was called Ironmen, and I had no problem understanding why.  Any group that can consistently meet at 6:15 AM and look as awake and enthusiastic as these guys has to be called “Ironmen”.  Talk about dedication!

Let by Pat Goodman, Mens’ Ministries Pastor, the 90-minute spiritual workout not only made me realize that I could get up this early, but left me truly refreshed at the end and of the season and disappointed that I had only found this group on the last day they were meeting before summer hiatus.

Thanks to Pat, and to my table brothers, Al, Harry, Jimmy, Bill, Steve, and Robert for making me feel welcomed, included, and launched.  I am looking forward to picking up regularly (when I am in town) in September.  God bless you all.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call – Can I be an Ironman?

  1. Dan,
    What a wonderful story…very encouraging! I just LOVE how God knows what we need…even before we need it.

    These days I find myself morphing into a morning person. Still love my snooze button, but when I DO get outta bed…I get SO MUCH accomplished in the mornings! Maybe this isn’t so bad… LOL

    Give our love to Mary, too ❤

  2. Dan we loved having you join us at Ironmen and hope to see you when we start up in September. You are wise to seek out opportunities for fellowship especially when traveling. I look forward to hearing a little more of your story (and sharing some of mine) and watching what God does in and through the hearts of men united in their devotion to Jesus.

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